Styled upon Stickley Furniture. Easy to assemble. Comes with a solid mattress or just a thin base, which you can add a mattress to. Comes in 4 bed sizes. Single, 3/4 , Double and Queen. 3/4 beds were popular in the 1930's and 40's. I have shown one above partially dressed so you get the idea. Precision cut by laser for easy fitting. Etched for easy layout. My furniture kits come with clear illustrated instructions. A detailed illustrated parts list makes it easy to determine which piece you need for each step. The instructions include helpful hints and tips.

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POSTAGE: Multiple kits mailed at no extra cost. (up 500Gms)

Bed Dimensions

H 1" x W 3/4"x D 1 3/4" (Single)

H 1" x W 15/16"x D 1 3/4" (3/4)

 H 1" x W 1 1/8"x D 1 3/4" (Double)

 H 1" x W 1 5/16"x D 1 13/16" (Queen)