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Building your Toolbox equipment

As you progress in miniatures, you find you need more items to complete things to a standard you desire. Below are a few more items to add to your toolbox/workbox.

Steel wool 0000

Rubber gloves

Mouse pad

Wire cutters

Wood glue

Small screw drivers

Pin vise and drill bits

Cement for plastic

Container(s) for project

Utility knife

Plastic “zip” bags

Pins, needles, thread

Super glue

1” foam brush

Wax paper

Squaring jig or Lego

Damp cloth or wipes (babywipes are good)

Small bar clamps

Small T-square or right angle


Miter box & saw or a chopper


Ball stylus -more than one size

Black “Sharpie” marker

Masking tape -low tack

A larger variety of acrylic paints

Timber stain pens

Alcohol based ink pens

You may wish to bring a work light and extension cord as hotel lighting isn’t always the best for Miniaturing.

Bring a camera to take pictures of instructor samples and special setups/tools used. Modern phones usually have good cameras in them. 

ALWAYS ask permission first before taking a photo of the Tutors work.

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