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What tools do you need

Common items you need for miniatures are 

  • a cutting mat, 
  • a craft knife- exacto, scapel blade, stanley knife. Many replacement new blades for your knife. Essential. If the blade is blunt, one you risk hurting yourself, two its hard work cutting.
  • glue. 1-White glue known as PVA. I prefer exterior PVA. there are other types. Interior, Gorilla, weldbond, ... 2-Tacky Glue- this is thick PVA. 3- Paper glue, UHU style. Any brand works. 4-Fabric Glue if you are going to use material. 5- Superglue, also known as Cyanoacrylates.
  • toothpicks-many uses, but mostly for applying glue.
  • sandpaper- a variety of grits. I use 120 through to 800.
  • clamps-can be anything from pegs, masking tape, bulldog clips to fancy carpenter clamps, small clothespins or clamps. Something to hold things together while glue dries
  • paint brushes of various sizes
  • emery boards
  • Q-tips (Cotton-buds)
  • tweezers- fine point and blunt ended.
  • plastic bags to keep your project in, also square containers for furniture.
  • notebook and pencils
  • 12" and 6" steel (corkback-if you can find them) rulers
  • glue spreader (old credit card)
  • wax paper
  • squaring jig or lego
  • scissors (paper and fabric)
  • damp cloth or wipes
  • masking/scotch tape
  • pins, needles, thread

From this you can expand into many different tools and items. Powertools are a whole new discussion.

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